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Welcome to Dare To Be Different Creations!

Where you can find a variety of handmade items. I specialize in unique and different items because you were born to stand out…. So always DARE TO BE DIFFERENT 💞

a young boy wearing a crocheted kippah
a woman wearing a blue hat in a car
a colorful crocheted hat on a black background
a child's hand with henna tattoos on it
izar wraps $ 40
a colorful knitted hat on a black background

Dare To Be Different Creations offers a number of services: Handmade Crochet Designs, Henna, Hand tailored garments, Glam makeovers, Event Decor, licensed cosmetologist who specializes in natural hair and more.

a woman with curly hair sitting on a couch
a woman with braided hair in a salon
a woman wearing a hijab with a rainbow painted on her face
a woman wearing a black hijab and purple lipstick
two little girls with braided hair sitting next to each other
a woman with curly hair in a salon
dare different creations logo

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